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How Afrebay is Helping Exporters and Importers in Africa and America

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:58:48 PM Etc/GMT+12

Africa is the midst of an economic revival.  The continent is the second largest in the world yet its GDP has lagged behind for decades.  That is changing even as you read this though.  Thanks to industrialization in many countries and improving socioeconomic conditions throughout the continent more business is happening.  One of the biggest supporters of Africa’s new growth is Afrebay.


africa exporting


Africa’s infrastructure and connections are still growing and in the process of reaching out across the entire continent.  We want to help accelerate and facilitate this development.  It is also important for countries in Africa to have buyers around the world in our global economy.  This is why Afrebay has made itself a premier avenue for helping businesses in Africa find alliances in America.  It helps companies in Africa discover American investors, advisors and other strategic partners and then helps them consummate a deal.  It is this kind of business promotion that will unlock the bonds holding back Africa’s economic development.

Businesses in Africa that partner with us will have the opportunity to expand their business’s customer base both locally and internationally.  By working with Afrebay you will also be able to become a business ambassador who can help promote African goods throughout the world.  In this time of global economics it is important to have local business owners from across Africa who understands their region’s needs connecting with foreign business and investment.

Afrebay provides a secure and well-designed website that allows both buyers and sellers to gain access to new markets and products.  Sellers are able to post their products and conduct transactions in a safe manner where we help mitigate all the risk of offshore transactions.  Many African businesses have potential, but have not had access to an online platform to post their products.  This has hurt Africa, especially as ecommerce has taken off over the last few years.  Afrebay now provides sellers with this effective method that lets a company forego the necessity of creating their own site and all the troubles that come with it.  Our site also provides a very user friendly experience that helps buyers quickly locate exactly what they’re interested in.

Aiding exporters and importers between Africa and America will improve the economies of both countries and help investors.  Afrebay’s mission is to make commerce between these two a common occurrence.

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The Diversity of Afrebay

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:57:52 PM Etc/GMT+12

Africa is most famously known for its exports in coffee, gold and diamonds.  What many people don’t realize is that there is much more to Africa than just those three.  Afrebay is working hard to help African exporters show the rest of the world that there is more to Africa.  The range of available products on Afrebay is truly astounding.  The intuitive design also makes it very easy for potential customers to peruse the available options and find exactly what they need.

Afrebay’s apparel section is nearly limitless.  They have clothing for men and women of all ages and a great amount of diversity.  Since many sellers will be African on Afrebay, there will be opportunities for foreigners to buy traditional African clothing.  Many are interested in traditional or African style clothing, but the ability to buy such items is generally impossible or extremely difficult.




Afrebay is also unique because it offers a section for selling livestock.  Many people in Africa still make a living from their livestock.  At times though it can be difficult to find people who are selling the animals you need.  Now farmers and people with such needs have a reliable source they can go to.  Livestock isn’t the only special category though.  There’re categories for rare earth metals, chemicals and even energy!

One of the biggest challenges that Africa is working to overcome is building a better network within the country, one that can really connect buyers and sellers across the entire continent.  For many, being able to go online and find energy for their house is important.  Currently many homes are not connected to a central electric grid and rely on some form of petroleum for light and heat.  Afrebay’s section on energy will give these people more options for buying and will help sellers move their products.

Afrebay is here to help foreigners and Africans discover what Africa truly has to offer and to help sellers and buyers connect in the global marketplace like never before.

Below are just a few more categories that Afrebay covers:

  • Metals
  • Grains
  • Vehicles
  • Chemicals
  • Construction and Demolition
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Who Can Use Afrebay to Help Them in Business Exporting and Importing

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:56:46 PM Etc/GMT+12

Numerous Industries
Afrebay is a new platform that aims to help interconnect Africa and connect Africa with the rest of the world.  The number of industries available on Afrebay is nearly limitless.  There are all sorts of natural resources in the forms of metals, grains, livestock and more.  Before, people in Africa were generally limited by what was available to them locally because of the lack of information and knowledge on other areas.  Many small businesses in Africa don’t have the expertise or money to set up and run an online portion for their business.  Afrebay’s diverse selection of industries means you are almost assured to find what you’re searching for.




Competitive Pricing
Now that buyers will have access to more sellers from all over they can obtain goods at a cheaper rate.  If there is only one seller in an area, and he knows there isn’t any competition then he can set his price to almost anything.  With Afrebay, buyers will have access to sellers from all over, which means that competition will exist.  Competition will help create a more dynamic and balanced marketplace across Africa.  It is very important to have natural resources available at a cheaper rate for Africans.

Building Connections
Using Afrebay will be an excellent way for people to connect with importers and exporters that are interested in doing business with Africa.  As Africans get online, the number one way in which they are doing so is through mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  Using such devices makes it difficult for small businesses to run and maintain a website, but now they don’t need to worry about that.  By partnering with Afrebay, sellers will have access to a massive and diverse customer base, and buyers will have more options than ever before.  Foreign investors, importers and exporters will also enjoy unparalleled connectivity with African markets that has never existed.

Join Afrebay
Afrebay is unique because of its bidding and negotiating system.  It allows for customized bids and offers, which can make it easier for buyers and sellers to negotiate deals.   Afrebay is here to help put Africa on the map as a major business partner, and it is looking for eager businessmen and businesswomen from across the continent to join them as business ambassadors.  These ambassadors will help build connections locally and internationally.  They will be the link between the local marketplace and the global marketplace.  Be sure to sign up soon and join Africa in the 21st century.

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Grow Your Business with Afrebay – A New Online Marketplace

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:54:24 PM Etc/GMT+12

afrebay sign up online marketplace list your business

Are you looking for more ways to expand your business, increase your brand visibility, reach new markets and generate more revenue streams? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any or all of these questions, then Afrebay can help. Afrebay is an innovative online marketplace, where businesses and manufacturers in America and Africa can safely conduct trades directly from the source. Through its proprietary, secure trading platform, you can conveniently trade all types of finished products and agricultural commodities, including livestock, natural resources, automobiles and apparel.

Afrebay connects American merchants with emerging markets in Africa. You can broaden your scope and connect to consumers and other businesses across the globe. In addition to selling and requesting products, you can also establish strategic partnerships overseas. For example, Afrebay helps manufacturers develop business partners in Africa, should they need to manufacture their products closer to consumers. Businesses can also connect to manufacturers abroad.

  • Benefits for Sellers: You can list your business and start selling products today for free.
  • Benefits for Manufacturers: You can buy natural products and resources from the source! Connect from America to Africa and find the best priced products and resources for your business. Sign up today!

To reap the benefits of Afrebay’s online industry marketplace, all you have to do is sign up! Afrebay allows businesses to list themselves on for free.

afrebay importer exporter

As a member of the Afrebay Business Alliance, you have complete access to the Afrebay marketplace. You also have access to many other valuable resources, such as technical consultants, foreign investors and strategic partners needed to consummate a deal. Afrebay assumes the full risk of conducting trades with offshore companies, as well as facilitates the foreign requirements that accompany a deal.

In addition to the Business Alliance, Afrebay also offers a Business Ambassador program.

The program provides a platform for recruiters to establish new connections locally and abroad and earn more revenue. Business Ambassadors can enroll merchants, manufacturers and farmers in their area and also receive complete access to Afrebay’s global marketplace. As a Business Ambassador, you’ll become more engaged in your community, plus receive invitations to Afrebay’s private meetings and events located within and outside your country of origin.

Don’t wait to grow your business. Reach new markets, establish strong partnerships and generate more revenue with Afrebay. Click here to sign up!

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Why Should You Join The Afrebay Business Alliance Program?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:49:32 PM Etc/GMT+12


If you’re looking for an innovative way to grow your business and reach emerging international markets, then you’ve come to the right place. Afrebay is a revolutionary trading platform where businesses can safely conduct offshore trades directly from source. Afrebay helps companies navigate the requirements of foreign markets and assumes full risk of conducting trade with offshore companies. Additionally, Afrebay is breaking down cultural and payment barriers associated with ecommerce transactions between America and emerging markets in Africa.

What’s the Afrebay Business Alliance Program?

The Afrebay Business Alliance Program is a great way to expand your enterprise. The Business Alliance is an avenue for companies to promote their products and services and solicit strategic partnerships. You can build strong connections with foreign investors, technical consultants and advisors who you need to consummate a deal. Meanwhile, Afrebay seeks out businesses in need and helps facilitate any meetings.

At, you can list your company on the Afrebay marketplace for free. International businesses, buyers and manufacturers can access your products and services and even develop a partnership with your business. Manufacturers can also form strategic partnerships should they need to manufacture their products closer to consumers. Members of the Afrebay marketplace can access businesses of the Business Alliance through the Afrebay Company Directory. As an enrolled business, you can also post a description and/or image about your needs for private or public view.

If you are a company looking to expand your operation offshore in Africa or the U.S., you can find the following information among the enrolled companies on the Company Directory during initial research:

  1. Local-based professionals, such as attorneys, real estate brokers and accountants
  2. Related business lines for possible partnerships
  3. Governmental agencies in charge of business registration

So, what are you waiting for? Grow your business with Afrebay today! Click here to become a member of the Afrebay Business Alliance.

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How Does Afrebay Improve Africa’s Role in International Trade?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 7:56:56 PM Etc/GMT+12


woman globe

While Africa is the second largest continent in the world, its GDP has fallen behind for numerous decades. This is due in part to the way trades are carried out. Lesser developed companies like Africa export mostly raw materials and import manufactured products, which are more expensive than raw materials. Additionally, large companies have a bigger competitive advantage over African businesses. As a result of its poor GDP, the continent is faced with a poor economy and high poverty rates.

Fortunately, in recent years Africa’s international trade has improved. In order for that growth to continue, African countries need to focus most of their exports on manufactured products rather than raw materials. This will improve their role in international trade, as well as increase the incomes of Africans, thus reducing the poverty rate.

How can Afrebay help Africa accomplish this?

Afrebay, a new online trading platform, is a huge proponent of boosting Africa’s economic gains from international trade. Through this revolutionary import-export trading company, merchants can trade agricultural commodities, raw materials and finished products directly from the source. Members of the Afrebay community have access to our entire marketplace, which includes everything from apparel and automobiles to livestock, grains and energy. We help merchants reach new markets, broaden their exposure and establish strategic business connections at home and abroad.

With Afrebay, African merchants can access the resources and technology they need to begin producing manufactured goods. Through our secure trading platform, they can build partnerships with other businesses and manufacturers to help them grow their own enterprise. With greater access to technology, Africans can shift the focus of their exports from raw materials to finished products.

This will improve their role in international trade and increase Africans’ incomes. In order to decrease the poverty rate, Africa also needs to get a greater portion of the population into the labor force. With the help of Afrebay, countries can develop a new labor force focused on manufacturing manufactured goods.

While Africa’s growth and success won’t happen overnight, with Afrebay’s help, the continent will be able to increase its influence in international trade. Visit us online to enroll your business with Afrebay.


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